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Red Thunder L6
6L6 Compact Vacuum Tube Amplifier
Compact vacuum tube HiFi audio system with in-built Bluetooth enabled devices.
Red Thunder L6 features two highly
efficient vacuum tubes.

Thunderbolt U7
12AU7 Vacuum Tube Phono
Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier is
specifically designed to improve the
performance of your existing amplifer
to deliver dynamic, detailed, sparkling,
open, and refined music.

Red Thunder Audio System
Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Audio System
* Compact 6L6 Vacuum Tube Amplifier.
* 12AU7 Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier.
* 4-inch Full Range Bookshelf Speakers.

Nightingale P1
Audio Amplifier with speaker
Class-A Single Ended, Compact Vacuum tube HiFi Audio system with built-in Bluetooth.

Songbird 151G
Bookshelf Speaker
fitted with a Norwegian made 4-inch
speaker in a bass reflex moulded MDF enclosure.

Songbird 139
Hifi Speaker
3-inch 8-ohm high performance full range speaker. The speaker is fitted into a bass reflex mounded MDF enclosure to enhance bass.

Bluetooth Speakers
Metal Bluetooth Speakers
Qube Bluetooth Speakers are made
of aluminum Housing with high precision
finishing, strong Base Performance,
have mono and stereo versions.Suitable
for personal use and gifting, indoor and outdoor use!

Vacuum Tube Amplifiers.
Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Amplifiers
We provide pure Vacuum Tube Amplifier,
normal or compact Dimensions with DAC,
Bluetooth, and subwoofer and various
audio tube options. Both Professional and Entry Level Models are available, allow
more peoples easily entry into Hi-Fi World.

Hifi Loudspeakers
This series includes Wooden Bookshelf
Loudspeakers, Compact Loudspeaker,
Maze Structure Horn Loudspeakers with
various specifications to fit your amplifier
and your other requirements.

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