Schrödinger Audio Website Upgraded - Enhance Visitor Experience.

Audio website upgrade- audio information on web

Schrödinger Audio Website Upgrade!


The objectives for this Audio website upgrade project:


The Home Page

  For Information Richness on Schrödinger Audio home page, we increase windows to show Audio and Consumer Electronics products classification (e.g. Vacuum tube Amplifier, Bluetooth Speakers…), the new products and event with brief descriptions. Web Visitors can to find the topic which they have interest by Click the related “learn more” button.

Audio website

The Product Page

  We reorganize the catalogue classifications on left bar and Visitors can easy to find the product range (e.g. Home Audio, Vacuum Tube Amplifier, loudspeakers etc…) they want. On the right of the products main page we provide brief description about the products. Website Visitors can know the products before they click to see the details.


   In addition, for photo we use different background color to separate the Audio Product Range (e.g. using the brown color to represent Vacuum Tube Amp). Not only the product photos become more attractive but also Web Visitors are easy to distinguish various product ranges. This feature will be fully completed soon.

Audio product



  For each individual Audio Product Page, our web designer adds more beautiful pictures to show products feature. By his suggestion we improve the content and layout which allow Web Visitors to get better information. all individual Product Page upgrade will be fully completed soon.

Audio Speaker


  At the end of individual product page visitors can to do the next action by click the button back to top, find other products in same product range, go to product main page, home page and contact us page.


About us and Contact us pages


  To handle Web Visitors’ inquiry more efficiency, our Audio Web Designer displays three email addresses on the pages. Now Web Visitors can send email to our various bases on the type of inquiry. Also, Web Visitors can contact us by other methods on contact page such as Contact us form, Skype or telephones. 


Audio Social networking


  We enhance the Audio Social networking. For each page in addition our Audio Facebook and Twitter link icons which already have, we add other popular social networking link icons such as flickr and Google+.


  If Web Visitors feel www.schrodinger.hk is nice, we appreciate them if they click Facebook like and share and Tweet buttons the top-right position on each page to share website visit experience to their friends. (Remark: these buttons may not function or Visible if the visitor is in Country or location where facebook or twitter is blocked).   

  The Website improvement is not end but we need more ideas to do this better. Therefore, it will be appreciated if you can provide comments and suggestions to us for further Website improvement. 

  Wish you can see useful information in Schrödinger Audio Website.