OEM Audio Project Development services provided by Schrödinger Audio

OEM Audio Project-Audio Supplier-Audio development

In addition to ODM products, Schrödigner Audio also provide OEM Audio project development and production service. This Service is suitable if:

- You have a great ideas on Audio Product and need reliable OEM Audio Supplier to realize this.

- You already have an audio brand and need audio professional OEM Audio Supplier to support you,  help you to enlarge market share and enhance market power.

-  You need to focus on other core business activities such as promotion, let us to develop project in less costly, timely, high quality and reliable way.

At the beginning of OEM Project Development:

We will firstly provide the free consulting services and communicate with customers well to fully understand customer’s requirements and their expectation for the audio products being developed. Then our professional team will perform the feasible study, include but not limit to Technologies, Product Features, Functions, Performances, Customer Budget and the Most Cost-effective Method. After this Customer will receive our report for evaluation, further suggestion and confirmation.


During the Project Development:

 We welcome customers to participate in this process but they are not necessary to provide technical documents such are drawings. We will provide the related documents with detail explanation to customers for evaluation. Base on the Project Development Schedule we will report customer about the progress, which allows them to have clear picture about their products.

 Once the Audio Prototype completed customers will receive our evaluation report before the Audio Prototype is released. The report includes the proto of products, the technical parameters and diagrams, quality assurance information and our suggestions. Customers can add further comments about this.

 After the Prototype is approved by customer we will release this. We will tract the courier and provide update information to customers.


After the Project Development:

 Our professional team will ongoing follow up the Project and provide total solutions to customers. Customers can give us feedback and suggestion for adjustments at any time. For Production, we make sure that the goods will be same as concluded standard and quality.


 Most important, all the OEM projects are Customer valuable assets and we have the strict control over the information about this which is necessary to protect customer interest.



  If you have any enquiry about OEM Project Development please feel free to contact us:


Sales and Customer Services: sales@schrodinger.hk