10 Tips to use and keep your Vacuum Tube Amplifier Well (Part 1)

Tip to use Vacuum Tube Amplifier well-Home Audio System

  Recently more and more peoples prefer to adopt Vacuum Tube Amplifier as their Home Audio System because this type audio amplifier can output the warm, smooth and sweet audio sound which solid state amplifier cannot provide, and due to the technologies improvement the relative cost of Vacuum Tube Amplifier is lower than several or even ten years ago, especially the entry level Vacuum Tube Amplifier, which allow more people to enjoy Vacuum Tube sound within their budget.


  However, due to improper use of the amplifier it also caused more unnecessary damage . How to right to use and maintain the Home Audio System, is the key to extend its life span. Schrödigner Audio suggests some of the basic tips to use Vacuum Tube Amplifier well:


1. Working Environment


  Normally the Vacuum Tube amplifier can work between 0 to 35℃ but the ideal working temperature environment for a Vacuum Tube Amplifier should be between around 18 to 30 ℃ when within this range the Vacuum Tube Amplifier can play the highest quality of sound which it can. If the temperature is too low it will reduce sensitivity of the device; too high temperature is easy to burn out components, or speed up components aging. In the summer should to pay special attention to the cooling and keep the air circulation. Amplifier should avoid direct sunlight or place near the heat source, such as heater.


  In terms of environmental humidity, sound to be placed in relative humidity between 50% to 80%. Too humid will lead to premature failure of the machine components, or rust inside and outside the body.



2. Install Vacuum Tube amplifier


  Make sure the loudspeakers are connected and fix properly before power on the Amplifier. Speakers impedance must match with the power amplifier, the matching relationship is also very important, if there is no match, the sound quality will be effected when the impedance is too small, or affect the service life of output transformer.


  Some Audio device models provide convenience feature for installation. For examples, The cable connectors for Schrödinger Audio CFS139B Compact Hifi Loudspeakers allow users connect loudspeaker with cable with or without banner plug. CFA155A-S3-B EL34 Vacuum Tube Amplifier has loudspeaker selector which can match with 4Ω and 8Ω loudspeakers which are the most common loudspeaker specifications in Hi-fi world.


3. Power Supply

  The power socket for the audio devices should be plugged into the independence electricity socket or Electric Extension Units to minimize the interference between audio devices and other electronic devices.


  Be careful the Voltage of Electricity supply must be same as operating voltage for the audio devices! Voltage for some amplifiers is fixed by manufacturer and some are selectable. For example, Schrödinger Audio, CFA153P-S6-D Desktop Vacuum Tube Amplifier has the voltage selection switch which gives user flexibility to set two different Voltage settings. 


  Point 2-3 above are essential for install Vacuum Tube Amplifier because most of amplifier dealer or manufacturer define these are improper use conditions and warranty will be voided.



4. Switch on Amplifier

  Before switching power supply, the volume level should be set to minimize, this is the most effective means of protection to power amplifier and speaker. If the Volume of Vacuum Tube amplifier is almost zero, at least it will not damage the speaker when happens wrong operation.

  To play some soft music within half an hour boot or moderate volume, the reason is when the power amplifier components in a cold state, then let the current work will shorten its life.


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