10 Tips to use and keep your Vacuum Tube Amplifier Well (Part 2)

Tips to Maintain-use-keep-Vacuum Tube Amplifier well

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5. To Maintain Vacuum Tube Amplifier in Good Conditions

  In the sound system, especially the power amplifier is very sensitive to the dust environment. Due to the need of cooling, there will be a heat dissipation hole on each amplifier, too much dust will not only seal the heat barrier heat emitted, but also will cause damage to the specific circuit.


  If the space is enough, keep enough space between Amplifier and other devices such as speaker, CD player etc. for better heat dissipation and avoid stack impact between audio device especially loudspeaker and motor inside the CD player.


  Need to power on regularly. If it is not used for a long time, especially in the humid, high temperature season, you’d best to power on for half an hour a day. So when the components inside the machine work produced heat to get rid of moisture, avoid broken damp mildew inside the coil, loudspeaker voice coil, transformer and so on. These are essential to prolong the life of the amplifier. If not , at least to use dustproof cover or plastic cloth put on the audio device to prevent dust and moisture.


6. Heated Vacuum Tube

  Like the light bulb the temperature surround the operating Vacuum Tubes are very high. Do not touch, clean or remove the vacuum tube during or 30 minutes after operation. Otherwise possible injure will occur. Vacuum Tube is made of thin glass, when Vacuum Tube itself has heat separate the Vacuum tube from liquid to avoid broken and short circuit.


  If you have still worry about the heated Vacuum Tube, we suggest you to adopt the vacuum tube amplifier with tube protection cover. For example Schrödinger Audio CFA153D-S6-B Vacuum Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth and Protection Cover.


7. Vacuum Tube Amplifier Cleaning

  The Amplifier should be cleaned by duster, feather brush or similar tooling regularly, and avoid to place the Amplifier on the dust environment. But it is not recommended to use water to clean the amplifier. Almost home audio amplifiers are metal housing and without waterproof design, Water will cause erosion of the shell, and because of water conductivity, it is not suitable for use as cleaning material.


8. Audio Tube replacement

  Vacuum tubes must be paired and replaced at the same time. Otherwise, the vacuum tube will be more difficult for operation and life will be shortened. Generally speaking, the service life of the pre amplifier tube is longer than that of the pro amplifier tube, and thus no need to change both preamplifier and pro amplifier tube as the same time. Just change the bad one.


9. High Voltage Audio Device

  There are many High Voltage components inside the Amplifier. The housing of amplifier must be opened by person with recognized qualifications otherwise it is very dangerous. In addition, if the housing of device is not opened by dealer or manufacturer authorized person the warranty will loss.


10. Health Listening

  We enjoy the beautiful and comfortable music come from audio devices rather than hearing how loud they can. Therefore, avoid too loud music or listen music for long time without break, which may possible hearing impact.


Hope you can find useful information in this article to use vacuum Tube Amplifier well, enjoy the Hifi world!


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