How Loud Headphones sound impact hearing? How to prevent?

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       As our experience, many peoples, especially those in young generation group like to use headphones to listen their favorite songs, movie, radio channel and other similar media for some possible reasons such as they do not want their music disturbs other peoples. However some of headphones users like to operate the headphones in loud sound and this is very risky for hearing loss.     


      Hearing damage means the hearing ability for injurer is weaker than other hearing health peoples, in some serious case injurer cannot hear anything. When users put the headphone on their head in loud, this is similar to placing the noise object such as operating machine near their ears. After they hearing in loud for some period of time they may possible temporary hearing damage but this will return to normal if stop the loud immediately. However, if loud headphones listening become long time habit over time they bear the permanent hearing damage.

      You may have hearing loss if 1) you difficult to listen other people speaking clearly. 2) The sound which other people feel too loud but you feel normal.

      Most of ethical Headphones companies have fully understood this problem and take pro-active respond to this. For examples, they make significant warning in their promotion materials and/or instruction manual to educate users how to use headphones properly.

      For users health we strongly recommend them to play the Headphones in appropriate sound volume level (lower than 85dB) and take a break when listen for long period time. However some people argue about they cannot enjoy the sound or music fully in smaller volume because the noise from outside impacts them. Today a small group of headphones manufacturers can use Active Noise Cancellation Technology to their headphones which maximum users' enjoyment in appropriate volume level.

      Headphones without Active Noise Cancellation function using the Passive Noise Cancellation method (materials used, mechanical design) to reduce outside noise but this is only noise reduction not cancellation.

      Active Noise Cancellation Headphones applying both Active and Passive Noise Cancellation Technology. These headphones collect the sound waves from outside noise for analysis, and then make the opposite waves to offset the noise, allow users to listen their music or sound in quiet and comfortable environment, easier to hearing clear sound at low volume.

What is your selection.

- Hearing Loss?
- Use Hearing aid?
- Protect ears well?


Remark: The Active Noise Cancellation is designed to reduce noise form environment when enjoy music but not the device to prevent hearing loss in Loudsound. Therfore user should use the headphones in health and proper ways.

How Loud Headphones sound impact hearing? How to prevent?How Loud Headphones sound impact hearing? How to prevent?