Why using Vacuum Tube Amplifier?

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As the first Vacuum Tube Amplifier was developed in 1907, why this technology is still be used over one century.


There are two common types of Amplifier technology: Transistor and Tube Amplifier. Both of them perform signals amplification but their methods are very different. Transistor Amplifier using transistor, and sometime together with software, to amplify (gain) the small input sound signals (current) to the larger one. For Vacuum Tube Amplifier current is controlled by electrons inside the vacuum tube, which is boiled off by heated cathode.


Many peoples prefer Vacuum Tube Amplifier because warmth and natural tube sound features. Unlike Transistor Amplifier its sound is cold and sterile. In high volume the distortion for Transistor Amplifier lets listener feel uncomfortable. Human ears welcome Tube sound and not feel tired and irritable when hear tube sound for long time.


Some people have anxiety about cost of Vacuum Tube Amplifier is much higher than Transistor Amplifier but in my opinion they are no need too worry. Today some Vacuum Tube Amplifiers in the market which focus on young generation at their affordable price. These Amplifier also have a very good sound performance and durability. 


If you concern the sound quality, what is your decision?


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Hope you can find enjoyment in this.

Why using Vacuum Tube Amplifier?Why using Vacuum Tube Amplifier?