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EL34 Vacuum Tube Amplifier, Aluminum Chassis and Amplifier Cage

Compact Home Audio Amplifier with Bluetooth and Audio Loudness Control

EL34 Vacuum Tube Amplifier-Bluetooth-Loudness-Compact Home Audio

Model no: CFA153Q-S3-L

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  The CFA153Q-S3-L is the Compact Aluminum Chassis, EL34 Vacuum Tube Bluetooth Amplifier with Protection Cage, with Audio Loudness Control Pushbutton to emphasis bass which can play the users music in satisfied and high performance way.

Tube Amplifier with Loudness switch

  The pure EL34 Stereo Vacuum Tube Amplifier with Class A Single ended design outputs the warm and sweet Vacuum Tube sound with low distortion.

  The Compact Home Audio Design lets users to install their Hi-fi system without using large space and in the cost-effective way. 

 With 2 sets AUX wired and Bluetooth wireless music source connections which can connect various music player device to this amplifier convenience and easy.

  The Aluminum Chassis with smart red color front panel. Removable Amplifier Cage to protect against heat from vacuum tubes.


   Audio Loudness Pushbutton which lets user to powering the bass of their music.                                   

  Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier with Aluminum  Chassis and Cage, and Front Panel with attractive red color:

Audio Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Amplifier

The Audio Amplifier with EL34 Vacuum Tubes, output the warm and sweet sounds:

EL34 Audio Tube Amplifier

The Vacuum Tubes Amplifier with Audio Loudness Function Pushbutton can adjust tones to bass emphasis:

Audio Loudness Control function

Accept various Audio Sources by provide 2 sets AUX and Bluetooth Wireless connections:

Home Audio Bluetooth AUX 

Compact Audio Dimension - Suitable for most of indoor environments:

Compact Audio Bluetooth Amplifier


Back Panel: Have Gold Plated Audio Connectors and Electricity Voltage Selector:

Audio Connector

Connection with various music players such as i-Phone, Android Phone, CD Player,PC etc.

Desktop Bluetooth Vacuum Tube Amplifier

CFA153Q-S3-L is one of your best Compact Vacuum Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth and Loudness function!Compact Tube Amplifier Bluetooth Loudness



Main Functions:

Vacuum Tube Bluetooth Amplifier functions


Audio Panel

  • Audio Tubes: EL34x2,6N2x1
  • Output Power: 6W + 6W (8Ω) RMS Output
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (-1.5dB)
  • THD: <1% (1kHz)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 80dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.775V (0dB)
  • Input Impedance: 100KΩ
  • Load Impedance: 8Ω (typ)
  • Headphones Plug: 3.5mm
  • Operating Voltage: As Customer Requirement 110 to 240V)
  • Power Dissipation: 45W (typ)
  • Sound Input: AUX x 2, Bluetooth Wireless,
  • Bluetooth Transfer Distance: 10m (Max)
  • Dimension(mm): 235 x 190 x 202
  • Net Weight: 6.5kg (Approximate)


 Compact Home Audio Amplifier with Bluetooth and Audio Loudness Control