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6L6 Vacuum Tube Amplifier

Compact Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier


Model No. Red Thunder L6   

    Schrödinger Audio’s Red Thunder L6 is a compact vacuum tube HiFi audio system with in-built Bluetooth enabled devices. There are also two additional inputs for connecting CD/DVD player, tuner or phono preamplifier. Red Thunder L6 features two highly efficient 6L6 vacuum tubes, which are often used in guitar amplifiers to deliver a full and balanced audio across two channels. Red Thunder can drive speakers with a sensitivity as low as 85Db.

    Red Thunder L6 uses a Class-A Single Ended design to reduce distortion. The unique DC to DC high frequency power switching inverter replaces the tradition heavy and cumbersome power transformer, gives the option of regulating the vacuum tube operating voltage and most importantly, eliminates the constant low-pitched hum, which can be heard on most transformers.


   Red Thunder L6 is powered by two 6L6 high performance vacuum tubes and two 12AU7 low noise preamplification vacuum tubes. The 12AU7 forms a SRPP(shut regulated push pull) to allow Red Thunder L6 to produce a crispy sound with a diverse range of harmonics. The super low noise feature produces crystal-clear audio that every audiophile will enjoy.


  The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair Red Thunder L6 with your smartphone, tablet or, computer so you can stream your music remotely. 

    A 3.5mm audio jack mounted in the front allows you to plug in any of your headphones to listen to your music in quiet environments with the benefits of a full amplifier. The audio jack works well with most low impedance headphones.


    As an additional option, the vacuum may be covered with a protective metal covering to prevent accidental contact. The front plate and chassis is built from scratch resistant anodized aluminium. Red Thunder L6 is also designed to be compact measuring at W24.0cm x H15.0cm x L19.0cm1.


    Red Thunder L6 works well with any Schrödinger Audio Speakers such as our Songbird speakers and the speakers from the Nightingale P1 audio system Click here


  Red Thunder L6 is compatible to other Schrödinger Products. Click here

    We provide a 12-month limited warranty for Red Thunder L6.






1 Dimensions before installation of Bluetooth Antenna.

2 Information above subject to change, errors & omissions excepted.

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Compact Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier